Ammann ARX45

Ammann ARX45 Overview

The Ammann ARX 45 makes it even easier for operators to work next to obstructions such as curbs. It also is a combination roller, with a drum in front and pneumatic tyres in the rear.

The roller, with a drum width of 1380 mm (54.3 in), features a new articulating joint that enables quick drum adjustment from in-line to off-set configurations. Rollers that are off-set are able to work close to obstructions. The adjustment between in-line and offset configurations is done manually and is easy for operators to make.

The combination feature provides a number of added benefits. The tyres provide a kneading effect, helpful on certain types of asphalt mixes and temperatures. The tyres also are exceptional at sealing joints.

The roller features Kubota engines that meet US Tier 4 Final emissions standards and are EU Stage V, and EU Stage IIIA/US EPA Tier 4 interim. It includes an intuitive dashboard layout, a redesign of the front and rear of the machine and a new LED light system. Reduced sound levels improve operator safety, as does the new light system.

Ammann ARX45 specification

Weight 4650 kg
Length 2800 mm
Width 1421 mm
Height 2826 mm
Drum Width 1380 mm
Compaction Rating 55 kN

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