Safe working practice

Safety on site is the most important factor in any project. Reducing the risk of accidents, avoiding costly delays and protecting your workforce are the keys to delivering your project safely, on time and on budget.

Safe Working Practice

On site safety

Ardent works to devise and formalise the best working practices for every single piece of equipment in our vast fleet before it is released for hire. We then ensure that these safe working practices are communicated clearly when each item is delivered, so that all operators know how to use the equipment in a way that protects themselves and their colleagues on site.

We encourage safe working wherever possible, adding extra safety features such as reversing cameras on request to create the safest possible site environment.

Depot safety

We work just as hard at home, adhering to the highest health and safety standards at every one of our nationwide depots, to protect both staff and visiting customers.

Legal compliance

Often, safe working practices are not just sensible, they are compulsory. All Ardent delivery teams will fully brief your site staff on the latest legal requirements so you can guarantee compliance with all relevant legislation.