Investing in People and Skills

At Ardent, we believe that for Health & Safety to be truly effective, it needs the participation and commitment of every single person in both our company and yours.

That’s why Ardent invests substantially in in-house training, to ensure that every single member of our team is focused on working as responsibly and safely as possible.

A safety focused team

From the depot service teams, who test and maintain our equipment, to the delivery teams who train your staff on site; from our site engineers, who respond promptly to problems, to our strategic planners who help you comply with the latest legislation, every one of our team has Health & Safety at the heart of what they do.

Right up to date

Health & Safety legislation is changing all the time, as new ideas and initiatives are introduced to reduce risks and make workplaces safer. At Ardent, we maintain a rolling programme of training to make sure our staff are right up to date with the very latest legislation.

This not only helps us to implement best practice across our business, but also helps our customers to keep up to date with the latest in Health & Safety law and ensure that their sites comply with all necessary regulations.

Investing in training

Health & Safety training is not something we do once in a while to tick the box. We are constantly investing in training for our staff and yours, to reduce risks on site and make the workplace safer for us all. Our new in-house training school will lift our commitment to Health & Safety to an even higher level, providing state of the art training for Ardent staff and customers alike.