Carbon Policy

Ardent Hire is the UK’s premier hire company. Doing business ethically and in a sustainable way is important to us.

We have a responsibility to conduct our operations in a sustainable manner and so reducing our carbon footprint and energy use is central to that duty.

We are committed to achieving our target of becoming carbon neutral by 2025, whilst engaging to reduce our overall carbon footprint by 10% over the same period. Our commitment to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions is underpinned by our Sustainability Strategy and will be supported by our carbon offsetting schemes. This policy relates to energy from all Ardent’s activities.

We will comply with all applicable legal requirements which relate to energy and carbon aspects and where practicable apply accepted best practice in energy management.

We commit to:

  • Continually improving the energy efficiency of our operations;
  • Increasing energy and carbon efficiency through a framework of programmes of energy and carbon saving measures, working with third parties where appropriate to introduce innovation in this area;
  • Reviewing our objectives and energy performance and seek continual improvement through applying the principles and recommendations through ESOS.
  • Making available adequate resources and information to achieve our energy objectives;
  • Communicating this policy to all our staff and share our policy and commitment to energy reduction with our stakeholders;
  • Encouraging energy efficiency throughout our workforce and good energy and carbon management in our supply chain;
  • Being transparent, measuring and publish information on energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and our performance against our regulated targets annually;